You can press pause on the music player at the very bottom to hear the videos posted.

You can press pause on the music player at the very bottom to hear the videos posted.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Do You Feel It?

We are on the cusp of an historic, historic week in our country.

We've already made history just with the names on the tickets, but my God, how blessed are we that we have made an enormous stride over the chasm of racial divide with the way the vote seems to lean? (at the moment, anyway) Do you know that in a world wide poll, there is only one country that has not yet had a mandate for Obama? It is the US. I certainly believe this election could help heal our image in the world. For the world to see us as fair, equal-minded, level-headed... couldn't hurt.

Ironically, I just came across some notes in an old notebook yesterday, and I was shocked to see what it was about. I had seen this young senator on Oprah a few years ago and he made me think of how my mother's generation must have felt when they listened to the Kennedy brothers or Martin Luther King, Jr. He was inspiring, he was uplifting, he was impressive. I was so taken by him that I actually got out paper and made some notes about him and wrote down his book and his name because I was afraid it might be too hard for me to remember how to spell it....
Barack Obama.

"The Arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice." (MLK)

Friday, October 17, 2008

GG's First Steps

Luke and Sandi were over tonight, so they helped us out and we were able catch GG on video trying out a few first steps. Now that she sees how fun it is, she wants to do it more! Plus, she's trying to climb on things, and I'm thinking we may have to move her out of her crib before Jack really has to!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

oh, and one other thing....

GG slept all night last night, without ever waking to nurse, not even at 6 am. TALK ABOUT MILESTONES!

One sleeping through the night and another on the potty?!? What?! something about pigs... flying....

They went to bed around 7 and she got up about 7:45 this morning. WHAT IS UP?? I'm not even going to inch my hopes up that she is finally going to sleep through the night at nearly 14 months old! But it sure would be nice. She's slept til six a few times and ate and went back to bed but never the whole night until we're up for the day. please, please.... let this be the light. (sigh)

He's Gettin' It Down!

This was the view from my kitchen the other morning when I was caught off guard by a great chuckle : ) I left my shoes out from church and Jack found them the morning after. I'm so proud of this kid, he's saved us $27.40 in diapers in the last few weeks!

I'm just so excited, I have to post this one to our main blog, since this new adventure is a bit momentous for this rookie-mom! I just heard Jack upstairs rolling around in his bed and when I went up, he said "potty?" He was still dry and he went right away in the potty! But trying to stay dry through the night? It can't be.

So... this could be a fluke, but that's how all of this started, so I'm hoping we're on track for more successes. We haven't been setting the timer for pottying over the last few days because he's started telling us. YES! I thought it would never happen. Its more like an "out-loud" thought though, with Jack. "Potty?" its almost a whisper, like... "uh-oh, is that what I'm feeling?" So if we hear it, we don't even ask, we just run with him. (He even went TWICE in the Johnny on the Spots at the JDRF walk! Not a single accident!)

Today, we installed his new potty seats in the house. I finally found something that I'm really happy with. In fact, this is one of the best products I've ever brought into my home. (next to my Foodsaver, my baby sling, and my Mac! and if you know me, you know I rave about great products, IF I really believe in it.) This is the "Flip-n-Flush". It installs on the seat and there is no extra clean up of a potty bowl or awkard fitting of the seat every time or where to put it afterwards. This is AWESOME! Here is the cheapest place I could find it, because I've just got to share this with all my mommy-friends out there! Best of luck to you, too, if you are embarking on this grand journey of eternal patience with bottomless stickers and praise!

And for all of you that don't have children yet.... I know this is probably waaay too weird to wrap your head around. I hope you'll experience this level of joy someday- its worth it!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Fun

Jack and GG really enjoyed the Pumpkin Patch this year. It was great to go on a Thursday afternoon when there were no crowds or lines for the little rides. Jack was big enough to enjoy more of it and GG was big enough to be awake for it : )

Taking pictures really made it feel like a family tradition. Jack picked out all of our pumpkins and did a fine job at that, he also did well at pulling around our wagon full of pumpkins. GG was very curious and picked her first little pumpkin on her own this year.

Friday, October 3, 2008


Our blog has had 200 visitors!
wow : )