You can press pause on the music player at the very bottom to hear the videos posted.

You can press pause on the music player at the very bottom to hear the videos posted.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Aligator in the Garage

So it's after 3 am, I'm totally stressed out with about a million things I could rant about, but instead, I'm going to surrender to my blog craving because I've been so delinquent and it might make me feel just a little better to forget my rotten day and remember something fun that happened recently.

We've been spending a lot of time out in the garage lately with having the garage sale and Jack was playing quietly when he came up to me and starting talking a mile a minute about the alligator in the garage. Things like "I'm going to keep him" and "I'm going to pick him up and hug him" and "he's soft, I'm going to touch it" (making the motions with his hands sliding together). I thought, he can't be making this up, it's way too specific to just be a thought. I said, "wait, Jack, whatever it is, don't touch it until mommy gets to see it" (this is the kid that picks up bees) He promptly took me to the corner to show me where it was. Honestly, I was just a little scared. I looked around this rolled up mat for our treadmill, but didn't see anything.... until I walked away and then he popped his head out. Of course, I had to scream a little, it was just a bit freaky, especially when you're thinking "is there really a little alligator in my garage?"

So here he is....

mind you, these photos are from 2 years ago. He's just a scant bigger now, but I didn't have a chance to grab the camera this time. I wasn't about to leave Jack alone with him to come back only to find Jack hugging him or worse. No, I didn't clobber him... are you kidding? I won't show you my spider pics! But I'm certainly not going to be the one to mess with the food chain, that is for sure. He was a little brave getting close to Jack, but I'm pretty sure he's harmless. Anyone know what he is? (besides the alligator in the garage)