You can press pause on the music player at the very bottom to hear the videos posted.

You can press pause on the music player at the very bottom to hear the videos posted.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jeremy's Journey

Hello, Friends.

This is the story of Jeremy's Journey.
(photo: Burd Family at the JDRF Walk in '06)

Jeremy is only 6 years old and lives with Type 1 Diabetes everyday. I am collecting pledges for him for the annual walk in October to fund research. His mother Brandi is a friend of mine and has a special place in our family's history. She helped deliver both of our babies and actually helped to save both their lives, when Jack was in distress because the cord was wrapped around his neck and when she was the primary assistant in the emergency surgery to rescue Geneviève. I am privileged to ask for your help in Jeremy's honor. This little boy has endured over 8,500 finger pricks since he was diagnosed with diabetes 3 1/2 years ago. He must have his blood sugar levels checked up to eight times a day, even when he sleeps. This affects him all day, everyday. He does not get a break from it.

Could you imagine how you would respond, as a parent, if your child said "I wish I didn't have diabetes," as Jeremy does from time to time? It breaks my heart to think of an innocent child having to endure so much.

Fortunately, this is a disease that has a very attainable cure with the proper research. Research funding has already given Jeremy ways to check his own levels and an automatic insulin pump to help his life be as normal as possible by helping to relieve him from multiple daily injections. This has allowed him to be able to attend school! For more research to continue, more funding is needed.

This is where we are asking for your help!

Join us for this year's JDRF Walk for "Jeremy's Journey" which will be held at The Legends at Village West in Kansas City, Kansas on October 11th at 9am.
If you cannot join us, I will walk for you! You can send checks to me by October 10th made out to JDRF and our family will deliver it personally to Jeremy.
The Burd family has a goal of $3500 in donations and to help with this effort, they are having a raffle this year! For every dollar donated, your name will be entered in the following drawings, all prizes were donated by family friends.

1st Prize: A Broil King Gas Grill, valued at over $400 from Patio Pool & Fireside
2nd Prize: A handmade K-State or KU throw
3rd Prize: Beautifully made Swarovski crystal and glass beaded bracelet, valued at $35
4th Prize: Bag or purse filled with name brand hair products from Allure Salon & Spa

Remember, your contribution is tax-deductible and ANY amount, even $5, will benefit Jeremy and will enter your name 5 times in the raffle.
If you will join us at Legends for the walk and want to wear a Jeremy's Journey t-shirt, designed by Jeremy himself, they will be $5 each. Please let me know so I can tell Brandi.

We hope you will join us to support Jeremy, thank you in advance for reading and for your consideration.
(please email me for my contact info to send your donation if you don't have our address)

(photo: Brandi taking Jack's stats after delivery)

(photo: the Miranda family walking for Jeremy in '06)

(photo: Jack and mommy walking for Jeremy in '07)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Well, we didn't get a very good photo today, so I thought I'd conjure up some ghosts of birthdays past, and a few other oldies for good measure...

thank you, friends, for such a great birthday, I appreciated all the well-wishes and nice thoughts today from emails, to voicemails, phone calls and facebook, and especially my "secret sister" -it was super. Thanks, Kellee, for caring for the babies so we could sneak out. And thanks, Mom, for EVERYTHING!
I also have a wonderful family, and they really treated me up this year, thank you, thank you!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Gamma Meyer!

This is the big one, Gamma!
Congratulations!! we love you

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

GG Featured at Harrington's Blog

You may see this as advertised at Dickerson's in Fairlawn Plaza. (if she got some decent images)
They sell the cute tutu's there that she is wearing in this photo, plus a really nice KU one!